Below Zero Frost

After a rather unsuccesful morning shoot at a duck pond in Sherrill, New York, I decided to head back to Phillip's point again to try for another sunset. I bundled up with no less than 7 layers, a mad bomber hat and my mercury mitts. Seemingly ready for the Artic, I began down the path to the point. With the sun scheduled to set within 30 minutes, I came across an amazing patch of frost located on top of a thin layer of ice in a puddle. As the frost was not there yesterday afternoon, I can only guess that it formed during the frigid temperatures we had overnight, around minus 10 degrees fahrenheit. I quickly photographed the frost and kept moving on. Once at the point, I photographed the mostly uneventful and boring (but still always beautiful in person) sunset and began to head back to the car. That was when I discovered more of the frost - this time on the frozen waters of Oneida Lake. This patch was much more sparse than the previous frost in the puddle, and was located atop some dark water which provided a nice black background to offset the ice crystals. Using a short telephoto lens and an extension tube I was able to get quite a bit of magnification to show off the details of the frost.

Frost on Oneida Lake, West Monroe, New York