Winter Beech Forest, Scott's Run Nature Preserve, Virginia

Finally! I have obtained an image of my favorite local forest, Scott's Run Nature Preserve. Long time reader's of this blog may be shaking their head and thinking, "Finally! Chris Kayler decided to make a post again." Yes, I have been absent for what seems like ages, and before that, not really posting much. Well, guys, after a pretty long hiatus from photography, I think I am finally feeling dat mojo again. I have big plans this year. Onto the good stuff ... As mentioned, this image was taken at Scott's Run Nature Preserve in Northern Virginia. Who knew? Nestled next to scenic Route 495 (aka the beltway, aka the stuff of nightmares) lies this unassuming little forest close to the banks of the Potomac River. Ever since I found this location as a young photographer, I knew that I wanted to capture the best images of it that I could manage. The most coveted image I had in my mind was that of the beech trees covered in snow. After 10 years, I finally nailed it. One would think that this would be an easy task, yes? Wrong. The branches of the beech tree are thin and feeble, not holding snow particularly well. Every year, year after year, I would try to photograph this area after snow storms. Even with 8 inches of snow falling overnight, the place just looked barren. Only with the help of this mild little storm, where the temperature held close to 32 degrees (it was practically raining), and with absolutely no wind, was the snow able to cling to every tiny little branch. A photographer's dream. Walking through the abandoned woods I manage to somehow tune out the sounds of honking, slush, and engine braking, and only hear (or, maybe, remember) the pitter patter of fresh snow falling lightly onto the forest floor.

Scott's Run Nature Preserve in Snow, Virginia, United States.

Technical Spectacles: Canon 50D, Canon 70-200 f/4 @ 70mm, 1.3 seconds @ f/16, ISO 200.