Vibrant Fall Foliage, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

Wow guys, it's been a while. But ... it's that time of year again - the winter blues. Once the snow starts to fly, I'll get excited about going out some more, but for now we are just in that awkward phase when most of the fall color is gone and it's still relatively warm. As such, I'm finding it hard to sit back and process or write blog entries ... but, in an effort to keep this at least a bit current, here is a photo from my trip to Vermont a month and a half ago. This particular section of trees had pretty nice spacing on the trunks, and the color was among the best found during the whole trip. In other news, I am VERY excited to say that I am heading to Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding areas in New Mexico with my good friend Alex Mody for a 5 day trip. We are leaving behind our families to travel out on Thanksgiving morning, and I couldn't be more excited about eating a burrito or something similar for Thanksgiving dinner!

Vibrant Fall Foliage, Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont, United States.