The Results of the Nor'easter

After much hype before yesterday's nor'easter, with some forecasters predicting up to 25 inches of snow, the snow ended this morning with a grand total of 1 foot. Isn't life tough? Regardless, the storm caked the trees in snow and made for a bona fide winter wonderland. There was one problem, however; along with the storm came brutal winds. These winds made short work of the precariously balanced snow, blowing most of it away. Additionally, the sun began to emerge right as I left the house. While at first it was discouraging, the sun and blowing winds resulted in some very picturesque conditions. With the trees backlit in the sun, I waited for a gust of wind to blow some fresh powder into the air, resulting in rays of light penetrating the forest. The following photograph is one of my favorites from this morning's outing.

“Powder in the Air”, Bernhard’s Bay, New York