"The Red Dress" - Great Falls National Park, Virginia

I have been pretty busy with other things lately and consequently haven't had the chance to get out and shoot. Until I get some more new images, I may be posting some older images in my new "Random Images" section - a category where from time to time I will post older images that I feel like posting for whatever reason. I took this photograph about a week before I put my blog online and it was taken at Great Falls National Park, Virginia. The weather forecast called for overcast - not the best conditions for the grand scenic type of shot I was trying to accomplish. However, I decided to go anyway and see what I could come up with. At the very least I could sit next to the river and just relax a little. It turns out luck was with me on that day and some beautiful thin fog began to materialize. I captured many subtle images of the falls in fog with fall color in the background. The following image, however, is my favorite. I found this crimson red scrub oak on the cliffs surrounding the falls and used it in my foreground to add a punch of color to contrast with the foggy backdrop.

“The Red Dress” - Great Falls National Park, Virginia