Elakala Run, Blackwater Falls State Park, WV

Well, time to head back to the West Virginia photos for a bit! The following is an image taken in one of my favorite parks in West Virginia, Blackwater Falls State Park. The park offers many waterfalls, including the main Blackwater Falls and many more on Shay's Run, Pendleton Run, and others. This particular waterfall is enclosed in an area of mainly evergreen hemlock and rhododenron, ensuring that the area stays mostly green, even when bright autumn colors abound elsewhere. Besides the overwhelming green, there are a few deciduous trees in the canopy above that turn yellow and orange. Because these trees cannot be seen in any photograph of Shay's Run, it is best to wait until past peak when many of the leaves have fallen onto the ground and into the stream. On this day, large numbers of leaves had fallen near the base of the falls. By using a long exposure, I was able to capture the movement of the leaves as they circled around the pool.

Elakala Run Waterfall, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia, United States.