"Reflections Through a Fuzzy Lens" - Great blue heron fishing, Fort De Soto Park, Florida

I think I'll take a break from the ice images for a bit! Besides, I'm sure everyone on the east coast is sick of the cold. Bunch of wimps, we are. Anyways, this photograph is of a great blue heron fishing for minnows in a lagoon in Florida's Fort De Soto Park. Truly one of my favorite places in Florida. White sand beaches, crystal clear water, abundant wildlife. This place has it all, as long as all you are looking for is a picturesque white sand beach with crystal clear water and abundant wildlife, that is. Looking at this image brings back so many great memories of that morning spent in the lagoons. It brings me just a touch of warmth during a day otherwise filled with freezing rain.

"Reflections Through a Fuzzy Lens" - Great blue heron fishing for minnows, Fort De Soto Park, Florida.

Techs: Canon 7D, Canon 400 f/5.6. 1/2500 second, f/7.1., ISO 400. Tripod.