Red Sunrise, Great Falls National Park, Virginia

After the week long high pressure system (clear skies), and having to work during the sunset of a lifetime right after tropical storm Hanna blew through (watched it out the window ... not fun), I finally was able to create some good photographs during sunrise at Great Falls yesterday morning. Leaving my house under overcast skies, I wasn't too hopeful. Arriving early, I made my way out to a small rock in the middle of a cascade and sat down to soak in the sounds, sights, and smells of the powerful river swollen with rain from the tropical storm days earlier. As I sat, a hint of barely discernible pink color began to slowly grow over time. Finding a composition, I waited in anticipation. Then, out of nowhere, the color picked up quickly as the sun shown through a small slit in the clouds, lighting up the undersides of the nearby clouds. It lasted 3 or 4 minutes at most, but I was able to make several nice images during that time frame. Overcast skies rarely come through and supply great colorful sunrises or sunsets, but when they do, they are usually spectacular.

Red Sunrise, Great Falls National Park, Virginia, Maryland, United States.