Potomac River Rapids Abstract

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a trip to my lovely little local spot, Great Falls National Park, Virginia. The day was completely sunny and cloudless, so I went with the intention of photograph the group of Great Blue Herons that hang out hunting for fish among the rapids. As it would turn out, the herons stopped hunting at around 6:00PM and went to go roost for the night in trees along the banks. With my plan for photographing the Great Blue Herons ruined, I decided to change gears and shoot some abstract images of the various rapids. With the rapids in shade, and the sun still shining brightly on the cliff opposite of my position, the water picked up hints of orange and yellow in its reflection. Tied in with the reflection of the blue sky overhead, I found the overall color scheme very pleasing. Often times, photographing abstracts in less than perfect conditions (for other types of photography) saves the day and enables me to come home with some great images.

Potomac River Rapids Abstract, Great Falls National Park, Virginia, United States.