Portrait of a Young Red Fox Yawning, West Virginia

I found this young Red Fox on my last trip to West Virginia. At first, I had spotted him in the middle of a dirt road I was driving down. As I drove closer, I realized that he wasn't planning on running away. With that, I backed up to a small field out of view of where the fox was standing and began changing my lens to my telephoto to attempt to get some photographs of him. However, before I could even get my lens changed, he came trotting up to within 50 feet of me and began jumping and running through the field trying to catch and eat grasshoppers! The light was pretty harsh, and I never did manage to get any good photographs of him jumping, but I did get a few portraits I'm happy with. He stayed with me for over an hour, and at some points came too close for me to even focus!

Portrait of a Young Red Fox Yawning, West Virginia, United States.