Icy Sunrise on Oneida Lake

After hearing second hand from my family of a glorious missed sunset yesterday afternoon, I made a promise to myself to head out this morning regardless of the conditions to try and photograph the sunrise. The weather forecast seemed grim - 70% cloud cover over a window only a couple of hours wide, with heavy 90%+ cloud cover before and after. The location I chose was Phillip's point, a small point jutting out into Oneida Lake. After getting on the road this morning, the sky seemed mostly cloudy. However, upon arrival everything began to fall into place. While most of the sky was indeed cloudy, there were a few areas that allowed to sun to bounce its light through and onto the surrounding clouds, causing them to light up with brilliant magentas, reds, oranges and yellows. Using the lake's ice as a foreground, I came away with many images, including this one. While easier said than done, the more determined you are to get out there and just try, try, try - the more photographs you will get.

Icy Sunrise, Oneida Lake, West Monroe, New York