Northern Red Salamander on Moss, New Jersey

Due to high winds, rain, and cold temperatures, I've decided to postpone my planned West Virginia trip. Instead, I am spending some time in New Jersey until I head out to Pennsylvania next weekend to meet up with some herping friends (people who study reptiles/amphibians). Yesterday, I made a day trip out to the New Jersey Pine Barrens to meet up with a friend to try and find some some herps. It ended up being an awesome day, with 4 new species of herps photographed. This salamander, a Northern Red, was found near the end of a day. After searching intently in seemingly great Northern Red Salamander habitat for months, I had finally succeeded in finding this species in the most unlikely location, under a pile of cement! No problem, I'll take what I can get.

Northern Red Salamander on Moss, Pine Barrens, New Jersey, United States.