Male Canvasback Duck During a Wing Flap

Two days ago I decided to take a trip to photograph an assortment of ducks that have assembled in the Choptank River in Maryland. In this particular location, many wary duck species have become accustomed to human presence and will eat corn thrown into the water. And so, with a bag of cracked corn in hand, I fed many duck species including Canvasback, Redhead, Lesser Scaup, American Wigeon, and Mallards. The following image is of a beautiful male Canvasback in breeding plumage in the middle of a wing flap after having just preened his feathers. While wildlife photographers often require extreme patience and skill in the search for elusive species, it can be just as rewarding to work with some relatively easy subjects such as these ducks.

Adult Male Canvasback During a Wing Flap, Maryland, United States.