Magenta Stormy Sunset, Roan Highlands, North Carolina / Tennessee Border

This image was taken atop one of the largest stretches of balds in the southern Appalachians. A bald is basically a grassy, treeless meadow on top of a high mountain. The particular one on this mountain was producing its own weather the night I was up there. Battling 40 mile per hour winds, I placed my tripod as steadily as I could on top of this outcropping of rocks, and photographed the clouds racing by barely above my head. As the sun dipped below the horizon, it lit up the clouds from behind with an intense magenta color. After the big show was over, I retreated back to my tarp and, after two servings of lovely Ramen, spent a long, windy night waiting for sunrise!

Magenta Stormy Sunset, Roan Highlands, North Carolina, United States.