Lunar Eclipse, February 20th, Virginia

My plea to the cloud/snow gods seems to have worked! :) At about 7PM last night all clouds in the sky whipped away, leaving a perfectly clear sky behind. After discovering this surprise, I decided to head out to a portion of Manassas Battlefield National Park, Virginia to try and photograph the eclipse. I had photographed one eclipse before in my early days of photography, and my results were, uh, not the best. Before last night, I had just attributed my bad results to my inexperience. It turns out there may have been more to the story as the moon moves very quickly through the sky, is very dark during total eclipse, and is hard to focus on! Despite this, I got a few images that I like - and at least they are technically well done, which I can't say for my previous eclipse photographs. In the following image, I used my 300mm telephoto lens and incorporated these 2 bright stars near the moon. I feel it gives a more unique composition than if I had just placed the moon right in the middle of the image.

Lunar Eclipse, February 20th, Manassas Battlefield National Park, Virginia, VA, United States