Large-flowered Trillium Blooming in Fog, Thompson WMA

With the unexpected surprise of a low cloud base (600 ft above ground level), I decided to head out to the mountains to make my way up to higher elevations for some dense fog photography. The timing turned out to be perfect, as the Large-flowered Trilliums at Thompson Wildlife Management Area are in peak bloom, carpeting the forest floor. The bloom at Thompson WMA is thought to be the largest bloom of Large-flowered Trillium in the United States, with literally millions of flowers spouting to life during mid-Spring. While this event is amazing in person, it can be difficult to photograph due to the scraggly, dense underbrush throughout the woods. Thanks to the fog, the forest was simplified slightly and I was able to get several images that I like.

Large-flowered Trillium Blooming in the Fog, Thompson Wildlife Management Area, Virginia, United States.