Juvenile Great Blue Heron Standing on a Rock at Sunset

First off, some good news. I applied for a job at REI some time ago and yesterday was offered a job as a sales specialist in the camping department, which was my most desired position. REI is an outdoor recreational retail store that sells lots of high quality gear from bikes, to kayaks, to camping, clothing, and everything in between. I have 4 days of staff training this weekend, and can't wait to begin working there. Now, onto the good stuff! This image was taken several weeks ago at Great Falls National Park, Maryland. As I was sitting motionless on the banks of the Potomac, photographing Great Blue Herons that were generally quite far away, this juvenile Great Blue Heron flew in and landed on a rock that was quite close to me. As you can see, the rock was surrounded by moving water, which created a pretty ideal situation. Additionally, the sky was beginning to glow orange with sunset colors, adding some unique orange reflections.

Juvenile Great Blue Heron Standing on a Rock Surrounded by Moving Water at Sunset with Orange Reflections Being Cast at Great Falls National Park, Maryland, Virginia, United States.