Green Anole (Anolis carolinenensis) Portrait on a Palmetto

This will be the first of many species from my very successful trip to South Carolina. I managed to get poision ivy, get lost in a swamp for 4 hours at night, and get eaten alive by bugs, but it was a ton of fun being out there alone for a full week straight. I photographed 14 new reptile / amphibian species in total! This particular image is one of my favorites from the trip, and also what I consider to be one of my only artistic looking photographs of a herp. Most of that latter attribute was thanks to being in the right spot at the right time and the luck of having the Green Anole selecting a very good Palmetto perch with the colorful, dappled waters of a swamp directly behind him.

I'll be heading to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Pennsylvania to photograph a multitude of waterfalls in the predicted rainy weather tomorrow and Thursday, but will be back to posting more images shortly after.

Green Anole (Anolis carolinenensis) portrait on a Palmetto with a pastel colorful background in Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina, SC, United States.