Great Falls National Park Sunset, Maryland

I packed up my gear and headed out to Great Falls National Park, Maryland. A dense layer of clouds hung overhead with just a sliver of open sky at the horizon. While it was a slim chance, the makings of an amazing light show were a definite possibility. Upon arrival, I scrambled down the rock faces to get closer to the water. With an hour to kill before any possibility of color in the sky, I passed the time scouting compositions and watching white-water kayakers plunge down 30 ft waterfalls. With the sliver of open sky still near the horizon, I counted down the minutes until sunset in slow motion. Finally, the time arrived. The sun dipped below the layer of clouds and the entire sky was set on fire. As the sun continued to lower, the shades turned from banana yellow, to orange, fire truck red, hot magenta, and cotton candy pink. It was truly the most impressive display of light I've had the opportunity to photograph. This particular image was taken near the end of the color where cooler magentas, purples, and blues dominated. I really liked this little pool of "ooze" and used it as a foreground. The photograph reminds me of the beginning of life on earth ... primordial organisms emerge from a pool of sludge to be greeted by a prehistoric sky. "The Dawn of Time"

Great Falls National Park Sunset, Maryland.