Great Blue Heron Standing on a Rock with Waves Crashing

Well, I'm back from a great weekend in Upstate New York. It was awesome getting to see all my relatives at the big family reunion. We even started up a kickball game with 20+ kids. It was a posse! I had a lot of fun, but didn't have time to photograph anything. For now, I'll be showing some more images from my trip(s) to Great Falls National Park, Maryland. This particular image is becoming a favorite of mine. The light was rather intense for the blurred water effect I was going for, so I put on a neutral density filter that enabled me to block the majority of light and decrease my shutter speed. Additionally, this allowed me to obtain an image that had slow shutter speed characteristics, as well as dramatic, strong lighting. In this image, I like the way the Great Blue Heron stands out against the dark, shadowed background, as well as the waterfall in the background and the wave crashing against the rock.

Great Blue Heron Standing on a Rock With a Waterfall in the Background and Waves Crashing Into it at Great Falls National Park, Maryland, Virginia, United States.