Great Blue Heron Fishing in Whitewater Rapids

Yesterday morning I decided to take another trip to Great Falls National Park, Maryland. Early in the morning, the Great Blue Herons were very active flying around and catching fish. In previous visits, an injured heron always fished in this particular location. The setting was great, but the obvious injury made the heron less photogenic. This morning, however, a new guy was trying his luck. I was able to get many images of him, using both fast shutter speeds (as seen here), and slow shutter speeds to blur the water. I really like the way the water seems to be exploding outward from behind him, as if a tsunami is about to crash over his perch. I'm always amazed when I see the herons effortlessly standing and walking through the shallow sections of these class 5 rapids. Must be those skinny legs!

Great Blue Heron Fishing in Whitewater Rapids, Great Falls National Park, Maryland / Virginia, United States.