Flowy Ice Patterns, Maryland

Ice? What the heck is that doing here? I know, spring is in the air and I’m sick of ice just as much as the next person … but bear with me. This morning I was looking through some older images from last month and felt like posting this photograph up as a comparison to my most recent ice image “Swirly Ice, Maryland.” I’m quite happy with this ice image, as it is a little different than most I take. Instead of focusing straight down on patterns alone, using a 70-200 with closeup diopter attached, I used my bare 70-200 @ 70mm and attempted to capture more of the flowing patterns of this large chunk of pristine ice (a rarity here in the Mid-Atlantic it seems). Please, compare this image to the Swirly Ice and let me know what you think! Which do you prefer, and why?

Flowy Ice Patterns, McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area, Maryland, United States.