Colorful Stormy Sunset over a Tidal Creek, North Carolina

After walking around in the rain all day, Andrew and I headed to a new location to drive the roads at night in an attempt to find various nocturnal frogs and snakes. As we made our way, I noticed that cloud cover was beginning to thin and a faint yellow glow was occurring. As time passed, the glow only got stronger until eventually the sun dipped below the cloud bank and lit up the entire sky in intense oranges and yellows. Not being near a suitable area to take a landscape photo, I tried to just enjoy the view, despite the fact that I was missing (photographically) one of the best sunsets of my entire life. To make matters worse (or is that better?) the sky opposite of the sun formed an intense rainbow. Man, it just doesn't get better than that! Flying down the back roads, with an ever-dimming hope of capturing this light show in any way possible, we eventually came to a boat launch that overlooked a large tidal creek. The landscape wasn't perfect, but the light more than made up for it. I grabbed my gear and ran down to the banks of the creek. This image is the result of my luck in finding that boat launch.

Colorful Stormy Sunset over a Tidal Creek, North Carolina, United States.