"Coexist" - Varied Ice Patterns Along Rock Creek, Washington D.C.

I was very excited to find this particular chunk o' ice with its many forms of ice all mingling together. Typically the conditions of a particular puddle or portion of stream dictate the singular type of ice formed. Not in this case. Curves, bubbles, shards, crystals, frosty bits ... we got it all! 

"Coexist" - Varied Ice Patterns Along Rock Creek, Washington D.C.

About the Image: Utilizing a 70-200mm lens with a 500D closeup filter attached, I set up my tripod right above the ice and pointed the camera straight down. Pro tip, always double check that your camera is indeed pointing straight down and not skewed towards any direction. If the camera is skewed, one side of the image will be less sharp than the other. I also used an aperture of f/22 in this case just to ensure uniform sharpness.

Exposure was simple. I spot metered the brightest part of the image and increased my shutter speed until my exposure read +2 for that section. This ensures that no part of the ice gets overexposed.

The composition was the most involved part of this scene. I was careful to include points coming into the frame on all four corners. Notice the pointy bits of ice bringing the eye into the scene from near the edges? While the points bring the eyes in, the curvy portions of ice in the middle help to keep the eye moving around and interested. 

Techs: Canon 7D, Canon 70-200 f/4 + 500D Closeup Filter. 2 seconds, f/22, ISO 100. Tripod.