Blackwater Falls in Winter, West Virginia

I'm going to shift gears away from my New England trip for a bit, and show some of my images from a previous trip to Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia. Checking out the weather forecast showed a lot of promise with snow showers and several inches of snow predicted over a series of three days. On that note, I decided to head out for a winter landscape trip. Upon arriving in the Potomac Highland region, I was indeed greeted with steady snow. There wasn't much on the ground initially, but the snow kept consistently piling up. So much so, that it was impossible to photograph anything with all of the dense snow filling the air. After a largely unsuccesful first day, I retired to Cannan Valley Resort State Park to set up my tent under a large snow-filled hemlock tree. What a beautiful campsite! I fell asleep to the sounds of snow pitter pattering on the top of the roof and eventually large clumps of snow sliding off the slippery rain fly. It got down to 15F that night, and I as warm and cozy in my 25F degree sleeping bag with some extra clothing on. This was the coldest night I had ever camped in - and it was one of the most memorable. It won't be my last winter camping trip, that's for sure. Upon waking up, I discovered that the snow was still coming down, though slightly lighter. With hope of clearing snow, I headed off to Blackwater Falls and did luck out with a span of about an hour of snow that was light enough it didn't interfere with the photographs. I made the most of the opportunity and traveled down to the base of Blackwater Falls. This image is one of the results. 

Blackwater Falls in Winter, Blackwater Falls State Park, West Virginia, United States.