Beech Forest in Winter, Scott's Run Nature Preserve, VA

I decided to head out to Scott's Run Nature Preserve this morning to try and put some of my new panoramic skills to work. I did manage to get several nice panoramic photographs that I really like, but overall this image may be my favorite. While this photo is the same 2:3 ratio as a normal 35mm image, it is in fact a compilation of 12 images. Zooming in on smaller sections of the tree, I took a series of photos, 4 wide by 3 tall, and then stitched them all together. Using this technique, I am able to crop to the familiar 2:3 ratio while gaining a ton of detail by using information from all 12 images. Making test prints, this photograph can be printed up to 50 inches wide with more detail than typical 16x24 inch prints!

Beech Forest in Winter, Scott’s Run Nature Preserve, Virginia, United States.