Barking Treefrog (Hyla gratiosa) on a Lichen - covered Branch

Well, I came back from the Delaware Water Gap a bit early. I managed to get a few images, but overall the creative juices just weren't flowing, and I decided to cut the trip short and head back in the same day so I could sleep in my nice bed and get some photography work done today! Continuing with my herp images from Francis Marion National Forest, this is a Barking Treefrog. These guys are easily one of my favorite Treefrogs that I've been lucky enough to experience. Not only are they very big, but they have awesome patterns and colors, are very calm and docile, and just love to cling onto anything, so if you put them in your hand they will wrap their large sticky footpads around your fingers and just hang out. Very cool experience!

As far as the image goes - it was a set up! Just as in many bird photographs, this branch was specifically selected for its characteristics, and was then moved around often in order to obtain the background that I wanted.

Barking Treefrog (Hyla gratiosa) on a Lichen - covered Branch against a brown and green background, Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina, USA.