Adult Pine Woods Treefrog (Hyla femoralis) Sitting on a Small Pine Cone and Pine Needles, South Carolina

You guessed it, some more photos from my trip to Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina! This image is of an adult Pine Woods Treefrog. These medium sized treefrogs are relatively common in the Longleaf Pines, as well as other southern pines, of the southern Atlantic coastal plain. Their pattern primarily remains the same, though they can range in color from brown to gray. The Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirella), while usually green, can sometimes look extremely similar in appearance to the Pine Woods Treefrog, however, they can be told apart when viewing the interior of the rear legs; the Pine Woods Treefrog has small yellow, orange, or white spots, while the Squirrel Treefrog does not.

Adult Pine Woods Treefrog (Hyla femoralis) sitting on a small pine cone and pine needles in Francis Marion National Forest, South Carolina, United States.