Adult Great Blue Heron Spotlighted by Sunlight while Standing Next to Rapids, Great Falls National Park

Let's take a little break from South Carolina! We have had tons of rain this year, and that has kept the water at Great Falls a brown, flooded mess. Discouraged by this, I hadn't been visiting to photograph the Great Blue Herons like I had wanted to, and it was putting me in quite a photographic funk. However, I finally caved in and just went anyways yesterday afternoon. Turns out that wasn't a bad idea, as I was able to get quite a few images, as well as a decent sunset. This particular image is of an adult Great Blue Heron in one of their prized fishing areas. The Herons caught 4 large Bullhead out of this area during the 3 hours that I was there. As the sun was dipping below the horizon, it lit up this guys upper body, as well as some of the surrounding water. I really liked the contrast between light and shadow, and luckily was able to capture this one image before the light fell below the horizon for good.

Adult Great Blue Heron spotlighted by sunlight while standing next to the flooded, brown Potomac River in Great Falls National Park, Virginia, United States.